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Victorinox is the manufacturer of the famous Swiss Army Knives. In 2005 the company acquired its main competitor Wenger S.A. Victorinox offers five product categories: Swiss Army Knives, cutlery, timepieces (watches) luggage and fashion. The company’s five product categories are displayed in an interior that unmistakably symbolises its classic attributes: oak stands for tradition, steel the basis of knife manufacture, concrete expresses modernity and the colour red represents the Swiss Army Knife – the core Victorinox product. All this brings to life the philosophy of the brand and its traditional values of quality, functionality, innovation and iconic design. Victorinox is a Swiss brand and was established in 1884 for the production of knives.…show more content…
et al, 2008). Victorinox Swiss army as a brand has proved over the years to be of great quality and very durable, thus it has a high percentage of consumers ' loyalty. The brand comes with great experience in different scopes. Most of the loyal customers may have experience its great quality and the respect the brand commands. Victorinox can increase its user rate and the attitude of the market towards its product, for example, by creating a new line of fragrance for children. Positioning is a combination of marketing efforts, including the use of the entire range of marketing tools for establishing an optimal relationship between the perceived needs of consumers and the competitive advantages of the offeror. Positioning has a strategic nature. Product positioning has two determinants - ideal notion of consumers and the perceived position of the product. The development of an appropriate strategy for product positioning means to form such a proposal by the company to occupy a dominant position in the consumer 's mind. The main strategic goal of positioning the product is associated with the demand and development of unique product position, which for one product should occupy the minds of consumers and decide the maximum extent of their needs. ‘What can positioning analysis do for a company’s…show more content…
4. How many of these people are buying their products (ie spend more money)? 5. Where will be the most appropriate to deploy the new store, if favorable conditions for the expansion of market presence? In the case with "Victorinox" object of market research is the fragrance market. According to the famous theorist - Eshbi – every real object is a set of at least countless variables. In essence, the research addresses the problem of market research interest to a specific class or set of variables and acts as a filter against the other. In this case market research is aimed at studying this aspect of the subject which concerns consumer preferences, attitudes and habits to different fragrances. Step 4: Philip Kotler distinguishes three types of problems that could be solved by successfully marketing study, and three types of models that apply: • Exploratory - shall apply where there is no prior information on management and research issues • Descriptive – the main purpose is to make a "picture" of the specific area of the market environment, the parameters of consumer behavior, the actions of competitors and others. With their help can register and dependencies between two or more attributes, such dependencies are functional, not

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