Product Development Process Analysis

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3.5. Product development
At this stage of the process the concept of the new product is transformed into the final, physical product. As most theories are based on new product development being conducted in large corporations, this step goes into detail on how to implement the development into the whole company and how efficient project-teams should be formed (Jobber., 2010; Kahn, K. B., 2012)
As the optimal new product development process would be conducted in a larger firm with multi-disciplinary project teams, we will look into the six key principles for the efficient management of these teams and compare the processes of these teams with the processes a start-up company, such as Physiowall. (Wheelwright, S. & Clark, K., 1992)
Firstly, a
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(Wheelwright, S. & Clark, K., 1992) Following this structure should enable efficient cross-functional teamwork, where the strengths and skills of each area within the company are incorporated into the team. This also allows more work to be completed at the same time, instead of using a more horizontal structure where the project reaches one functional stage at a time. This structure should ensure a faster process and high-quality results. As mentioned above, this method is aimed for large companies with different functional departments. Although in the case of Physiowall, he employee base consists of Jacob Lindgreen, the owner, one web developer and the occasional intern. These key points can also be implemented.
In the case of Physiowall, Jacob came up with his own mission and vision. He created a small business plan and a rough timeline for when he would want specific activities in the process to be completed.
In addition, Jobber (2010) states that during the development of the physical product, marketing is a vital factor. Instead of focusing solely on the functional aspects of the product, other factors may be important when it comes to the costumer’s perception of the product. This is where product testing is
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To test for other aspects that might not have been noticed by internals, product tests can be conducted in various ways. When it comes to consumer products there are various methods that can be used, such as; paired companion tests where consumers compare the new product to competing products, monadic placement tests where the consumers can test the product and may make comparisons to previously purchased products or market leaders or through the use of product clinics where people are invited to come and test specific products and give comments and

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