Product Development Process In Apparel Industry

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To create the next product in a company’s product line a design team goes through product development process steps. Starting with a product idea, the team moves through several stages to generate all the details and documents needed to get the product built. A New product development process goes through the same steps, however as this product has not been developed by the team before, new risks and uncertainties are introduced and often additional information is documented and shared with manufacturing. The flow of typical product development process in apparel industry is provided in figure, this remains common for all categories of product development. In apparel industry, once, the market potential, customer requirements like, color, silhouette,…show more content…
The product development is the business policy of the organization which includes the development of the new designs and styles within the organization. This process conveys more business to the organization, by showing pro-activeness in design development process by knowing the needs and wants of the cutomers/buyers impresses them. Production merchandiser must keep update to buyer time to time about the product development done by organization. The buyer visits to the factory is one of the key place, where merchandiser can develop some positive confidence on the company by showing their facility and designer teams. This motivates the buyer to give the design development to the organization instead of doing themselves. Whenever buyer visits to the organization, new colour, prints, embroidery patterns and desk loom developments need to be presented to them by production merchandiser. Merchandiser should influence the buyer to select the designs from presentation presented. A very good presentation and convincing ability of production merchandiser brings more business to the…show more content…
Fabric selection is a crucial step in designing a project because fabrics are designed for specific applications, a fabric manufactured for one purpose, may not be adaptable for another use. Therefore selecting the appropriate fabric is only the first step in providing serviceable fabrics for apparel manufacturing. Designers specify the fabric as part of their design concept. Designers may develop new styles for fabrics that have been successful

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Fabrics used in garment manufacturing can be based on their properties and characteristics. A property is a static physical dimension such as yards per pound; whereas, characteristic is the reaction of the fabrics when a force is imposed up on it. In general the selection of fabric is performed by three different views,
i. The consumer’s view

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