Product Differentiation In Fashion Industry

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Considering the fact that fashion market is considered highly competitive one, the only way to win it is to be aware of differentiation strategies and use it. Take into consideration the specific characteristics of the apparel offered differentiation is an attractive and efficient strategy. In most cases, consumers of fashion industry want a unique product that has distinguished qualities and attributes. As such differentiation will help to satisfy the customers’ needs.
Marketing theory proposes different ways to implement the differentiation strategy. Let’s examine the most effective ones.
1. Product differentiation.
This concept was first introduced as early as 1933 by Edward Chamberlin. According to Anderson et al. (1992), product differentiation
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In fashion industry this differentiation is very important. According to Gerber & Bothma (2008) companies should hire employees and provide them with different courses and be sure that these people will work much more effectively than the staff of their competitors. Companies have to be sure that employees have several important and necessary skills: (1) have necessary knowledge (about company, its products, their uses etc.), experience and qualifications needed to provide customers with the best service, (2) be up-to-date with the current technology, (3) have excellent verbal and communication…show more content…
Channel Differentiation.
That concept refers to the differentiation of the distribution channels. According to Kotler & Keller (2007), the way the product is distributed is important to the customer. Moreover, it can be a serious competitive advantage, especially on the fashion market. For example, Friedman & Furley (1999) state, that there is a direct correlation between a number of distribution channels and the volume of sales. That can be explained by the fact, that each distribution channel can be adjusted to a specific target group.
Ståhlberg & Maila (2009) dedicated their research to the online shopping as a method of distribution channel differentiation. They explain that it presents the customers with new opportunities with regards of the products (easy access to product information, reviews and comments made by other customers, prices can be easily compared between different retailers). As a result, it can create certain disadvantages to the companies.
5. Image differentiation. One of the most important assets of a company especially in fashion industry is its image that is created and enhanced by multiple factors. According to Kotler & Keller (2007), if a company has an effective image it can give it several important advantages: (1) create a strong character for the products, (2) be a way for a product differentiation, (3) enhance the emotional power of the

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