Product Placement In Movies Case Study

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In the article “The Behavioral Effects of Negative Product Placements in Movies” Ignacio, R. is intending to prove that brand placements do influence the consumer behavior. His study encounters the placement of the product and the role of previous brand evaluation in movies on exploring their effects on the consumer response. The main purpose of this study is to evaluate the role of past brand evaluation and the placement of the product in movies on the consumer judgment stage, and to provide information on what scenes does it play an effective role on the consumer emotion and behavior and to explore the consumer’s responses regarding the placement of the product in films. The findings of the study indicate that the placement of product in movie scenes result in positive emotional responses from…show more content…
Previous studies on product placement have focused on how product usage influences the consumer after viewing movies containing product placements. Despite the potential impact of effective product placements, little is, however, known about the effects of the placement of the product in humorous movies or the relationship between prior brand evaluation and consumer attitude formation following exposure to the placement of product in movies. Product placement, or the promotional tactic used by marketers and advertisers in which real commercial products appear in a fictional play, film or television show, was spotlighted by marketers and advertising agencies as an alternative advertising strategy. The most common form of product placement occurs in film and television. An effective product placement relies on an understanding of consumer responses to products based on perception and affection. Previous research on the impact of humorous product placements provides some useful insight into this

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