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“[There is] the emergence of an experience-based economy, where cultural production is more important than physical production.” So says the expert Steven Heyer from Scott Donaton’s recent book on product placement, Madison & Vine, and this is particularly where lie the roots of ‘product placements’ in movies. The need for basic social proof and acceptance is what drives this phenomenon. Product placements can be as big as a car in Race 2, or as small as a Coke in ‘Taal’. According to a report by PwC on Product placements in movies are primarily aimed at the following five aspects of advertising; Brand awareness, customer fidelization, an increase in sales, global reach and to stimulate a reaction from customers. Following is a framework from the same report which explains not only the relationship between the product, the Actor/ Character and the consumer. The report also classifies product placements in terms of their presence and use in the movie; Visual Placement (Jhonson Tiles in the song Tu…show more content…
The implication of a good or bad placement has also to led to the success or failure of entire production; bollywood insiders partially blame the flop of the 2001 film "Yaadein" on overzealous product placement in a scene where the lead pair awkwardly try to spray a brand of mouth freshener down each other 's throats. It is interesting to note that a bad placement can harm a production to the extent of its failure; however a good one on most occasions will be beneficial only to the product. This can be seen in a more successful, though only slightly less subtle, example of the genre, where in the 1999 movie "Taal", the lead pair enjoys a sort of intimate moment by drinking from the same Coke bottle, In this case the success of the film aided the popularity of the beverage however a glimpse of ‘coke’ did not do much for

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