Profession Of Arms Ethics

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The Profession of Arms is similar to other professions in that it produces expert work, and it requires years of study and practice before individuals within our profession are capable of expert work. However, lethality is inherent in what we do in the Profession of Arms, and we enjoy a significant level of autonomy that others do not. Those uniquely crucial pieces are what distinguish the Profession of Arms from all others. The American People trust us to provide security which society cannot provide for itself, and doing so ethically is what maintains that trust and that of our elected civilian leaders. (The Profession of Arms, 2010) Human Resources Sergeants may not necessarily have a direct influence on the lethality of our profession …show more content…

This means we must communicate clearly and consistently with each other, train together, trust each other, and allow for Soldiers to be human every so often. As leaders, we often forget the challenges we faced as junior professionals, and we also don’t always know what is going on with the commands or Soldiers we support that may be making mission accomplishment challenging. The culture we instill within our Human Resources operations can either contribute to a climate of teamwork and taking care of Soldiers, or it can contribute to toxic leadership. It is up to us, as Human Resources Sergeants, to embody the Army Ethic, which consists of “the moral values, principles and martial virtues embedded in its culture that inspire and regulate ethical behavior by both Soldiers and the U.S. Army in the application of land combat in defense of and service to the Nation.” (The Profession of Arms, 2010) We must be the example for and instill confidence in our leadership, our peers, our subordinates, and our customers, the Soldiers. We must guide both our leaders and our subordinates to “what right looks like.” Overall, the role of Human Resources Sergeants in the Army Profession is that of leaders of Soldiers, first and foremost, as well as subject matter experts, and trusted agents of our Human Resources Officers and our commands. We are here to provide a service, both to our country, and to our fellow Soldiers who also serve and sacrifice for our country. We must be skilled and trustworthy leaders, of good character, and committed to

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