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How to appear professional at work? Barring certain geniuses whose eccentricities are well-accepted in their work environment, the rest of us plebeians don’t always have the luxury to present ourselves in our own whimsical manner at work. Sometimes, our professional world demands a certain level of decorum by way of how we look, speak, or behave, in a work-place. You are generally expected to leave your personal life at home, while cloaking your personality with a professional veneer. But this separation is not always easily achieved and there could be days, however, when you may need reminders to maintain your workplace persona. What must you then do to meet the standard of professional appearance, and conduct? In this article, we will talk about the pointers to keep in mind, and how they may impact other’s perception of you, especially when you are in the company of your company! For further insight, here are the list of key skills for managers and employees. How to present yourself at work? Dress the part Corporate culture is quite vividly tied into what corporate employees are expected to wear. Buttoned up…show more content…
If you get too comfortable and let the learning opportunities pass by, you will stagnate. If you wish to continue to grow in your career, it is always a desirable trait to be motivated to do better and bigger. Keep adding professional training to your skillset and make it a business of yours to network with all your colleagues, both old and new (Read Professional Networking Tips). Your entire career is a journey to learn and unlearn various skills. Allow yourself to be humble enough to listen to new ideas, even from the so-called rookies at work. The inexperienced often have a fresh skill to offer, often phased out in the experienced worker. Volunteer to take on additional work and exhibit a can-do professional attitude. Trust us, these will not go unnoticed, just like your Mickey Mouse

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