Explain Why Professional Athletes Should Not Be Role Models

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If interested in making millions a year and being able to get away with breaking the law then become a professional athlete. 2. Athletes are placed upon a pedestal and have gotten away with committing crimes ranging from drunk driving, assault, and even murder. 3. Due to the high value that these athletes have, major steps have been taken to protect them at all costs. This behavior is absolutely unacceptable and should not be tolerated. 4. Professional athletes act as role models for younger generations and represent the teams that they are on. Therefore should be held responsible for their actions to set a proper example. 5. Professional athletes should not be allowed to at as a role model or represent their team or…show more content…
Whether or not professional athletes realize it or not, their actions affect future generations. These athletes are setting the standards of what is expected out of athletes in the future and what is expected of them. Although the task of being a role-model can be overwhelming, so is being a professional athlete for a career. 4. Moreover, professional athletes are role models due to the level of success they are in their careers. Conclusion 1. Professional athletes should be banned from their sport if they breaking the law due to the effect they have on the people that look up to them, their team, and for the greater good of society. 2. Athletes are role models and represent their team through their words but more importantly, their actions. Therefore, the actions made by an athlete should be taken more seriously. If a law is broken by a professional athlete, they should no longer be allowed the privilege of representing their team. Because these athletes are always under scrutiny, no measures should be taken to cover up any crimes committed. 3. Although everybody makes mistakes, breaking the law is a mistake that should not be taken lightly. Professional athletes understand the power they have over the younger generations and should set a good example for
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