Professional Athletes Overpaid Essay

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Professional Athletes Are Not Overpaid Professional athletes are huge role models in society. Everyone who plays sports can not expect to make it professionally. It takes a great deal of hard work and dedication. People overlook athletes because they do not work at an average job, at a computer, or even at an office. They play sports and get paid for it. People think it is easy to just play a sport and be good at it, but it actually takes various amounts of time and hard work. Sometimes going to college and playing sports takes more effort than earning a college degree. Professional athletes deserve all the money they earn because of their role model status in society, their short career windows, and how their talent pulls in the paying fans. Professional athletes stand as role models in some children’s eyes. There are children who have similar interest in that same sport, and want to grow up and play just like them. “Gatorade made a commercial that involved children singing a song wishing they can be like Michael Jordan” (Lowe 2). This type of marketing allowed Gatorade to continue its dominance in the world of sports drinks, while placing Michael Jordan in the spotlight. “This commercial made…show more content…
The reason people do not see them as role models is because of the 25 percent of who get convicted of crimes, that are doing drugs, and also the use of steroids. “The parents of Taylor Hooton made a foundation after losing their son to the drug use of steroids. His parents are teaming up with major league baseball’s strength and conditioning coaches and the drug enforcement administration to go into MLB stadiums beginning this summer to put on clinics we call these clinics hoot 's chalk talks. We will teach local kids about the physical and psychological dangers of steroid abuse” (I Lost My Son to Steroids
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