Diversity Of Counselling

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‘ Problem shared is problem halved’ this old saying shows us one of the most important universal truths, that people find comfort in sharing their problems and concerns, something which human history is witness to. While most of the times it is family or friends who play the role, circumstances may arise when individuals need the help of trained professional. Counselling is the process of exploration of oneself, identifying the particular problem and seeking a solution. It usually refers to the relationship shared between two people the counsellor (a trained professional) and the client. According to the American Counselling Association (ACA) counselling refers to “The application of mental health, psychological or human development principles,…show more content…
Initially it was in the form of joint families, wherein family members would provide the support and solutions needed. However, with change in time and changing lifestyle the distance between families has increased, and so has a sense of loneliness. This change could be one of the main reasons for the need and coming of counselling (Ravi, 2007).
The profession of counselling is however, soon becoming popular. Today we find many more people opting for this field of study as a profession. Moreover, the acceptance of people towards both, seeking professional help and their attitudes towards others seeking help is believed to be fast changing. This research tries to look at the change and the level of acceptance towards seeking professional help across ages.
Although counselling has been known as a field for a long time now, many people still harbour misconceptions about it. Those with problems are often regarded as inferior, incompetent, responsible for their own symptoms, dangerous, and a threat to society (Barwick et.al, 2009). Similarly individuals who contemplate getting professional psychological help for their everyday problem are confronted with similar attitudes. Clients are often regarded unfavourably by others and subjected to
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In present times when we believe to be modern and unorthodox in our thought, it is important to see whether this applies to everything or is it just pertaining to certain areas. It provides us with data regarding the outlook of people from different age groups, and the factors for these. Moreover, it is important to take into account whether it is only the youth that is changing or the older generations as well and to see if a gender difference exists, with respect to the attitudes and perception. Moreover, in a society like ours which is extremely collective the elders of a family and the society play a major part in each individual’s life. Many a time we do things or refrain from doing something because of society or elders. In such a society it is important to see where seeking professional help would stand, in a time where many people are not open to sharing their personal problems with

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