Professional Development In Education

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This research proposal is being done to find out or determine teachers’ perception on Professional Development (PD) which is being done in the schools and is being done to explore the effectiveness of Professional Development (PD) programmes planned and conducted by the administrators in the schools. Improvements by teachers through Professional Development (PD) have been identified as the most important way of keeping teachers abreast with the modern technology and the latest developments in education (Darling -Hammond, 2009, Fullan & Hargreaves, 1991). The Government and our Education Ministry in recent years has done so much by launching efforts to improve education by creating a fundamental shift in what children learn and how they are…show more content…
To encounter the accountabilities and expectations the teachers therefore needs to undergo appropriate professional development programmes to match with the required standards. Ministry of Education Heritage and Arts (2005) stated that even though the education fraternity comprises of ancillary staff, education officers, parents/guardians, learners and community members, teachers are considered for the most important stakeholders as they contribute directly towards children’s…show more content…
Scott (1987) has categorized a teacher’s career into three phases; student teacher, neophyte and mature teacher. He further asserts that the latter phase in the teacher’s life is the longest and may be dynamic. Any category a teacher may fall into or be placed the need for teachers for ongoing school based professionaldevelopment during their stay as teachersand during their course of teaching, professional development is vital and important. The new knowledge acquired from professional development creates a balanced learning and teaching for teachers to enhance their performance that will at the end help in improving the students learning outcomes. The extent through which professional developments needs is satisfied, plays an important role in the quality of teachers performance and in turn productivity in the types of duties / responsibilities expected from

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