Professional Development In Nursing Education

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The image of nursing has changed from time to time (Jacobs-Summers & Jacobs-Summers, 2011). Previously, nurses were stereotype viewed as a physician 's handmaiden and dependent on the physician direction (Santry, Ford, Stephenson, Merrifield, & Summers, 2010). Now, nursing has already recognized as one of the professions that play a crucial part within the healthcare sector. The World Health Organization, (2013) defined nursing as a profession that encompasses autonomous and collaborative care of individuals of all ages, families, groups and communities, sick or well and in all settings. It includes the promotion of health, the prevention of illness, and the care of ill, disabled and dying people. In order to become a Nurse, an individual must…show more content…
Nursing education is composed of two complementary parts that consist of theoretical class and clinical training (Saifan, AbuRuz, & Masa’deh, 2015). The combination of theoretical and clinical learning experiences in the nursing education will enable nursing students to gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes in providing nursing care (Nabolsi, Zumot, Wardam, & Abu-Moghli, 2012). Clinical training is the large portion of nursing education that carried out in the clinical setting (Ironside, McNelis, & Ebright, 2014). Since nursing is a performance-based profession, Courtney-Pratt, FitzGerald, Ford, Marsden & Marlow (2011) viewed clinical part in the nursing education are requisite to develop professional competence. Therefore, the clinical part can be considered as crucial and critical part of the nursing education (Aghamohammadi-Kalkhoran, Karimollahi, & Abdi, 2011). Before entering the nursing profession and become a registered nurse, the student 's nurse will be exposed to the clinical learning environment because it play a vital role in the acquisition of professional abilities (Jonsén, Melender, & Hilli, 2013). Moreover, the acceptation or rejection nursing as a profession by nursing student is based on their clinical learning environment that they have been through for their first time during clinical placement (Jonsén, Melender, & Hilli,

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