Personal Statement: A Career As A Professional Social Worker

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Development as a Social Work Professional Social work provides a foundation for social justice as well as an atmosphere for social change. Respectfully encouraging both aspects defines what it means to be a professional social worker. Every client deserves to be acknowledged and advocated for. A competent social worker actively listens, recognizes needs, and fights for basic rights. I want to become a professional social worker because I want to help implement these actions. A professional social worker has a bachelor, master, or doctorate degree and a genuine ability to care. I have witnessed various situations in which others as well as I have been treated unfairly. This was usually due to difference in population or class. I have…show more content…
I practice self-discipline and pace myself accordingly. Being motivated helps my academic performance. I have an Associate’s Degree in Arts with honors, and currently have a 3.85 GPA at Appalachian. I have a somewhat reserved personality and am more likely to observe and analyze. Therefore, I realize class participation is an area I need to improve on. As I progress through the program I find myself becoming more confident participating in class discussions.
Personal Aptitude My interpersonal skills are average because I am in my second semester. I am confident in my ability to form and sustain personal relationships. I have known my best friend snice kindergarten and have maintained relationships throughout my life. I am genuine in nature. However, I need more experience with clients in the field. I have noticed improvement with my verbal communication since starting my service learning. I naturally relate to others and gravitate toward aspects of
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This experience has allowed me to become acquainted with various populations. I have worked with clients there who have had signs of mental illness, drug abuse, and relationship problems. I have been able to apply skills and competences that I have learned in class. The facility was a good choice for me because I am unsure about the population I want to work with. I am comfortable working with adults and have learned a lot about the homeless population. I also have a comfort working with the elderly due to my grandmother. I have an interest in counseling and school social work as well. I’m looking forward to learning more about the social work practice areas and finding my place.
Personal Concerns A concern I have for the future would be choosing the right area of social work to pursue. I realize that I need to remain motived and lean on my support systems when needed. Organization and time management are also concerns. In my future social work career I hope to be able to establish a pace and organizational method.
Additional Information Denying this path of education would mean denying an instinct within myself. There is so much more to learn and experience. I am looking forward to growing in knowledge and confidence, as well as completing my field

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