Professional Development In Thailand

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The vision of 21st century for professional development supports teachers, all professional development efforts must be as part of teaching and learning system that includes standard of skills, curriculum, instruction and assessments. Effective professional development efforts fundamental characteristics that are widely accepted, such as ensuring teacher how to integrate them the best into daily instruction, empowering collaboration among all co-workers, allowing teachers and principals to construct their own learning communities, appointing the expertise within an educational institution or educational institution district through coaching, mentoring, and team teaching and supporting teachers in their role of facilitators of learning (Partnership…show more content…
Educators or teachers need to develop professionally to keep up with changes in the field, and engage students to meet the expectation. Professional development practices in Thailand can be seen as In-service teacher training, pre-service and in-service courses. Tantranont (2009) claimed those course outdates and lack of focus on the new teaching and learning methods and courses for self-development through action research have not been considered or encouraged. The Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) drew three key conclusions on Professional Development for Teachers first, that “the quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers”; second that “the only way to improve is to improve instruction”; and third that “high performance requires every child to succeed. In Thailand, The professional development of teachers has been recognized as a priority issue of education reform in Thailand which began with the passing of the National Education Act (1999) and Amendments (2002), and called for, “raising the professional standards of teachers, faculty staff and educational personnel on a continuous base”. and SEAMEO (2006) also stated another important part of teacher professional development strategy in Thailand has…show more content…
Traditionally, academic development, in terms of obtaining graduate degrees and academic promotion through research, has been addressed. New dimensions must be brought into staff development, namely, mentoring in teaching, learning and university management, research capacity strengthening, appreciation of and experience in professions relating to respective academic disciplines, and socialization process. (OHEC,

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