Continuing Professional Development

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The first chapter of this study provided an introduction notifying the significance, purpose, and questions surrounding the problem proposed in the study. Limitations, delimitations, and operational definitions of terms are provided as well.
Chapter Two reviews the significant literature in education concerning professional development strategies and teachers’ success. Several themes emerge including: (a) the influence of CPD strategies on teachers’ success, (b) professional development as a key step in educational settings, (c) some details on some of the professional development strategies.
Chapter Three provides the methodology of the study. Included within this chapter are the researcher’s reasons for selecting: (a) the topic of focus, (b) the study design, (c) the sample of participants, (d) data collection instruments, and
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It offers information to help teachers improve, whether they are starting out as an English language teacher, or whether they are already a highly experienced English language teacher. It integrates the idea of “reflective practice”: the significance of reflecting on what you are doing, as a crucial part of your development process.
According to Schwartz and Bryan (1998), professional development means something different to individuals. A simple definition of professional development is a plan to provide opportunities to progress professionally or individually. A more formal meaning of professional development is contribution and participation in courses, programs, workshops and other activities by the aim of developing and bring up-to-date professional skills (Schwartz & Bryan, 1998).
Thus as Diaz-Maggioli (2004) defines professional development for teachers refers to a career-long process in which teachers fine-tune their teaching to meet student

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