Ethics In The Nursing Profession

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It is your first day as a nurse. Are you nervous and scared? Did you really make the right decision? Can you handle all the duties and responsibilities? The nervousness, anxiety and indecision are normal. But never lose sight the reasons why you chose to enter this glorious profession. Where else can you use both your heart and your head, be challenged every day, and make enormous lives of others? Nurse is the most rewarding profession not just your job but your career. It is a lifelong journey like no other. It offers rich and diverse opportunities. Even though the dream has finally come true, there are going to be difficult days. As new nurses graduate from school and enter the health care industry they encounter many barriers that distract…show more content…
It involves choices and judgements about what to do or what not to do. Ethics offer a formal process for putting moral philosophy into practice. Nurses are also a practicing philosopher; they studied medical or nursing ethics which is a set of moral and practical guidelines that influences nursing decisions. (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 1998) Nursing ethics is a set of shared values of principles that govern the way nurses dealing with patient, a patient’s family, other members of the health professions and general public. According to the CLPNA, the code of ethics articulates the ethical values and responsibilities that Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) uphold and promote, and to which they are accountable. The five ethical principles encompassed in the code are responsibility to the public, clients, profession, colleagues and to one self (CCPNR,…show more content…
The LPN worried about her previous performance but it seemed that nobody noticed it. In fact, the Director of Care assured her that she is doing well. So, she decided to try a bit longer to see if she can settle. In this situation, the LPN did not follow the requirements of CLPNBC. The LPN is being honest with her superior about her ethical issues but failed to demonstrate integrity. She also identifies ethical issues, recognizes potential conflicts but she did not take action to prevent or resolve those consequences. The Director of Care did not take an action also on how to solve the ethical issues of the LPN. As a Director of Care, you should focus on active leadership and particularly task behaviour like coordination, ensuring nurses follow regulations and policies and monitoring of operations to increase quality of
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