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When I decided to enroll in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) last 2009, I know that I would be able to deal with different kinds of people and be able to be part of their healing process during their stay in the healthcare institution. Today, as I become a part of the health team, I learned a lot of things. First is being able to know how to communicate and work with different kinds of people may it be our patient or a coworker. In my every day shift at hospitals and nursing homes, I was able to meet people from different countries with diverse culture. My effective communication as part of the healthcare team was developed for me to be able to know how to talk to them effectively. As I performed my tasks, I also got the chance…show more content…
These procedures include NGT feeding, tracheostomy care and complicated wound dressings. With all of the procedures and paper works that a nurse needs to accomplish in their allotted shift, they can still manage to smile, be calm, and work efficiently even if they are under pressure. I have carried those traits during my work as a CNA. I experienced having __ patients and I have one nurse with me and I am the only CNA. I was able to manage my time and to move fast in order to finish all my tasks. These unique traits of nurses made me think that nursing is a caring profession and I want to be able to do those things…show more content…
A patient would participate in the care process if he would perceive that his nurse or nursing assistant was also willing for him to be well. For example, in dealing with my elderly patients I learned that they would be at ease with someone that would show them genuine care and smiles to them at all times. When I brought in their food, it was the time when I can talk to the patient on how felt. Through these conversations, I was able to establish rapport to my patients. My patients would participate whenever I come near them to perform some basic nursing care such as vital signs taking and bedside blood glucose monitoring. They would also tell their stories and during those times I realized that they are starting to trust me. Gaining their trust means being able to get their approval to participate in their plan of

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