Professional Goals

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The professional path a person chooses for him or herself is very hard to find. It takes a lot of researching and thought into deciding what career or type of work will be a part of a person's daily basis for the most of their life. I have thought long and hard in order to decide what I will be doing as a profession, and I want to become a psychologist. I will do what I need to become a good psychologist, and one of those things I have to do is go to college. I also have to make goals, plans and decide what college fits best win who I am.

The future is very imprecise. And it may seem like a long time but five years from now I hope to be doing something that I love. Something that I wake up every day excited to do and face it as my daily life,
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If a person doesn't have goals in life the person has no motivation to keep chasing or doing what they are doing. Goals don't necessarily have to be the same throughout a person's life. One of mine is to be good at Math. For six years of my life I have been struggling with the same thing. And that needs to change to make me feel better about myself and my learning capacity. I want to begin by doing at least three Math problems a day, doing researches and learning new techniques and methods. Being good at Math would help my both my future and current life. It would make me a better learner for everything since Math would develop my neurons and consequently would make me a better professional. Some goals can be bigger and harder to archive than others. For example this previous goal is not my main goal in life. The biggest thing I want to archive is to know my true self. Discovering passions and things that I am good at. But I don't seem to have much time for that. I wish I could take some time to really invest in areas of my life that I actually have minimal interest and explore them, to than choose what I really want to do for my life, what I really am good at, what I feel pleasure waking up every single day and doing it. It is a very difficult goal, a least for me, because I don't have any interest for the majority of the things I have to do. It will help me now only now but in the decisions I take for the rest of my
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