Professional Identity In The Nursing Profession

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Professional identity remains imperative to the nursing profession, as this profession is built on strong morals and core values, as nurses seek to provide safe, high-quality patient care. To develop a professional identity entails far more than acquiring experience in a profession; a professional identity reflects a mixture of internal and external modifications. While one does gain identity through developing a reputation in his or her profession of choice, he or she must also grow on an internal level, guided by values. Even as a nursing student, one can begin to perceive the acquisition of a professional identity. As the end of term six comes to an end, it sanctions as a moral time to reflect on my transition towards acquiring a professional identity. While I cannot affirm that I gained a professional identity this term, as that takes years, I can state that progress is beginning to occur. Of the progress that has transpired, I would state that right now, my professional identity is no longer purely…show more content…
Professional identity stands as a component of an individual's life that does not end upon graduation; throughout a life, an individual continues to develop his or her professional identity, as he or she continues in the profession. During this next semester, I would like to focus my attention on advancing both my personal and professional side of my development. To develop professionally, I must encompass myself in learning opportunities, form lasting relationships with nursing leaders, and continue to engulf myself in my academics. The foundation I create during nursing school will serve as the ground I build the rest of my professional identity on. Throughout the next year nursing school, I will continue the progression towards building a rewarding professional
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