Ethical Errors In Journalism

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Professional Journalists or Immoral Liars By Harry Fenwick The media is a mass distributor of information that is perceived by the public in such a way that the journalist wants the target audience to understand the article. Often in the media, the journalists can twist the truth and outright lie about a situation. This is done in order to benefit them or the company at which they work. These distortions of the truth are exploited in politics when an event happens in parliament, or the personal lives of the politicians. With the recent events concerning Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion, the media has sprung into action and journalists from every news outlet have given their opinion on the morals and values of Joyce. The journalists have a code of conduct that they have to follow, this is known formally as the ‘Code of Ethics’. These ethics include the accuracy of information used and how they manipulate facts. In an article Cruel irony of Joyce affair for tough, smart Vikki, Joe Hildebrand wrote that the scandal is invading the privacy of Joyce and Campion. The report states that is none of our business to know what's going on in the personal lives of politicians. “Daily Telegraph’s literally ball tearing front page was not just pointless but…show more content…
The quotes that Karp uses depict Joyce as a failure to his family and politics. The author uses persuasive language such as “failure” and “hurt”. The author did this to change or increase peoples opinions about Joyce. The author uses political discourse in his article, this is benefiting him because this audience that read the article are more likely to believe him if he knows what he is talking about in political terms. The image used in the article depicts Joyce as being unhappy and a failure, the author has done this with purpose to visually reach his
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