Professional Nurse Argument Essay

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Human beings competence has a complex combination of knowledge, attitudes, values, beliefs and ethnic, that we adopted from our culture as external environment or from our family members as internal environment to use during our lives. I feel as though as a healthcare provider or a professional nurse must be sensitive and respectful to each patient's beliefs, culture, and ethnic to improve the nurses' plan care to meet the needs of anyone as human beings.
My central beliefs about the individual person is to understand and accept the concepts of healthcare so the nurse can fulfill her goal to improve the individual person's health care. The patient should be participate to own, care to promote his health. On the other hand, if the patient has any cognitive problem so, that's the nurse turn to take care the patient honesty and commitment.
The environment is where the people grow, live, and develop. The
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I feel as though that health is not just free of disease , but health is determined by the environment and the situation. As a professional nurse, my foci is to help people to pass from illness to wellness. To help people to pass from any certain problem distribute their life and soul to wellness life as human being.
Illness related to a chronic or acute disease. Any disease to recovery needs special care to get healthy, like, to watch your food, blood monitoring every certain time, maintain the patient hygiene. These factors keep the patient healthy and voiding any more complicated competence his. As a nurse responsibility to keep her patient illness healthy all the time to perceive her goal plan.
Nursing is very important part of the heath care team. The nurse view the patient by hologram perspective, as caring, health, and human being. I feel as though the nurse existence is an authentic mercy to improve the patient health and
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