Professional Nurse Reflective Essay

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Hospitalized individuals are in their most vulnerable state and nurses highly impact these people’s well-being because of the nurses’ care. To do so, a nurse should have the right attributes and characteristics in order to provide an effective therapeutic care and build a relationship with the patients as well as the patient’s family. Being a prospective professional nurse, my own personal attributes and characteristics may resemble the qualities a professional nurse should possess in order to establish a therapeutic and trustful professional relationship with patients. The qualities involved are exhibiting a caring behavior when giving care, showcasing optimistic attitude and being able to communicate well with patients/clients. The experiences…show more content…
Back in the Philippines, there was a time wherein I had to be hospitalized due to appendicitis and had to get my surgery done. A few hours before the surgery, a nurse had come to my room to brief me and my family about the surgery. I was very anxious as it had been my first surgery. She was very helpful in making my anxiety disappear by constantly encouraging me and always by my side. Additionally, the nurse talked to my family in order to prepare them mentally and emotionally as well. This treatment by the nurse towards us gave us very little reason to worry about my health as she made the experience bearable. Attree (2001) described that commitment to providing patient-centered care and a change in individual, professional and organizational values is sufficient that will lead into providing a therapeutic nursing care (as cited in McCabe, 2004, p. 47). Few days later, I was scheduled for discharge and the same nurse came to my room asking if I was ready to get discharged. When I said yes, she started briefing me on what I had to do once I got home, and what I had to do for the next few days. She also asked me if I could walk to the hospital entrance or if I had wanted to get there by a wheelchair. Asking for my own preference made me feel like I am
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