Nightingale Nursing Theory

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The characteristics of the graduate baccalaureate in nursing that most impact my practice is number 7 and 8; participating with other health care providers and member of the public in promoting the health care and well-being of people and incorporating professional values as well as ethical, moral and legal aspects of nursing into nursing practice. These two stand out most because as a long-term facility nurse, we basically do an assessment of resident using ADPIE acronym and communicate directly with health care provider of the residents’ situation with any incident/situation for an adequate order for treatment. Incorporation of moral, legal and ethical values is held on the extreme in my practice because older adults are the most population…show more content…
However, specificity is an area of specialization of nurses based on specific training. I aspire to be a behavioral nurse in a long run. Empirical precision, on the other hand, is based on verifiable observation and experienced. The use of previous experienced becomes handy in residents’ care rather than theory learned in school. Nightingale was able to provide empirical evidence of her work to prove to the military how she can make a difference in the injured populations. The simplicity part of nightingale theory is used in resident education when they are discharged home after rehabilitation from the nursing home. Nurses made it simple enough for resident and family to understand. In addition to patient recovery, ventilation is a huge part of patient healing. Breathing pure and clean air prevents air contamination. Sanitized, clean, and free of clutter environment is necessary to prevent bad hygiene, the risk of infection and fall risk to the residents from their recovery process. Preventive health care practices are another way of helping the patient live better, healthier, and longer. This can be incorporated into practice by prompt vaccination, timely health screening especially for high-risk patients, counseling as when to call for a physician noticing something strange such as
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