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This portfolio represents the professional and academical achievements of my educational career. It is the compilation of the hard work I have completed and my accomplishments that illustrate my strengths, problem-solving ability, work ethic, responsibility and moral and professional values. All of the education obtained during these years and the effort put in has given me the required knowledge, experience, values, professional behaviors, and ethical standards to make me a stronger and well prepared professional nurse. It has been a long journey since I started my nursing education becoming a nurse assistant (CNA), then a practical nurse (LPN). Continuing with my education, I became a registered nurse (RN) and now I am finishing my Bachelors…show more content…
I have learned about how the different nurse 's theories have evolved and influenced the current nursing practice. The information learned in Professional Roles and Values class gave me the skills to apply critical thinking, decision making, quality of care, safety, delegation and leadership to provide quality of patient-centered care to my patients, and in my community. Evidence-based practice class provided me with the knowledge of how to find the correct information, how to conduct a research and how to apply the new evidence-based findings in my clinical practice setting. The class of information management and application of technology taught me about how to manage information and technology and how technology must be used to deliver quality and safe patient care. The Organizational Systems class provided me with the information and skills needed to understand the roles of the different regulatory agencies. It also provided me with the Nursing Code of Ethics and Nursing Scope of Practice which constitutes a practical guide on the high quality of care, ethical, moral and legal aspects of nursing safe professional practice, in which I base my daily nursing professional practice. From the Professional roles and Values class, I learned leadership and delegation skills, as well as the importance of good and effective…show more content…
Nurses are responsible for patient’s safety and well being which puts the nurse in a place to investigate the patient’s environment, we also need to interact with dietary, social, therapy, physician, and pharmacist services to make sure that all the patient 's needs are met. To be able to perform physical and cognitive assessments, and retrieve all the necessary information required for a patient 's care, I have developed the skills to work as the detective. I use these skills every shift to determine the patient’s baseline and be able to detect small variations in a patient’s condition that may indicate a medical change or deterioration. Pain is a major condition that requires our attention. Patients have the right to be free of pain, but sometimes they are stoic and do not voice their pain. Consequently, assessing for signs of pain becomes partly like an investigation. Is the patient grimacing? Are they touching or rubbing parts of their body in an effort to relieve pain? All these constitute part of the investigative role of the nurses. I also work as manager of the healing involvement by putting my patients at the center of the healing process and carefully. I provide quality of patient-centered care making patients feel confident of the care that I provide decreasing their fears and their anxiety. I do encourage my patient to follow the instructions and treatments required for healing. I collaborate with other team members and other specialists like therapy, dietary,

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