Professional Practice Model And Care Model

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The purpose of this paper is to identify and explain the nursing mission of the organization I work for, Allegheny Health Network (AHN), compare this mission to the nursing unit’s mission I work on, explain the structural organization philosophy of AHN, and discuss the pros and cons associated with them. First, the organizations mission, vision, goals, and values are recognized and explained. A description of the professional practice model and care model are provided for support. An explanation of the nursing unit I work on within the hospital is given along with the mission associated with our every day practice. These two missions are then compared to one another to identify similarities, differences, and provide an understanding of how…show more content…
The professional practice model at AHN was created by nurses at AHN and integrates the organizations nursing values, the environment, components of the Magnet model, and sets the framework for the approach in which care is provided (Allegheny Health Network, 2018). Dimitroff, Tydings, Nickoley, Nichols, & Krenzer (2016) condicted a study on engaging registered nurses to create a professional practice model and states, “Utilizing their voices we created a PPM that provides a foundation on which to practice, leads us on the ever changing journey of our profession, and offers a vision of how we want to practice” (p.11). These findings are in correlation with the results of AHN’s model because nurses involved in everyday care constructed it. AHN’s model is displayed by nine small diamonds that form a large diamond shape being held between two hands. Each small diamond states a different aspect of the care that nurses provide or the environment the care is provided in. These aspects stated include four Magnet components of transformational leadership, structural empowerment, exemplary professional practice, and innovation and new knowledge (Allegheny Health Network, 2018). Four of the other small diamonds include relationship-based care, shared governance, meaningful recognition, and quality outcomes (Allegheny Health Network, 2018). Lastly, the center diamond has the words patient, family and community on it, and this emphasizes that all these factors evolve around the focus of the patient (Allegheny Health Network,2018). An explanation of all these factors are explained underneath with an understanding that accountability, execution, collaboration, trust, respect, care and

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