Professional Reflection: My Field Experience

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Professional reflection As I began my field experience journey, I learned many roles and responsibilities as elementary teacher. My duration in the field was nine weeks. I began training at E. R. Dickson. I developed a great working relationship with the staff and parents in the community. I always knew teaching is my passion. It is my responsibility to be organized, willing to work well with others, takes initiative, and having a positive attitude. During my time in the field, I had a pleasure of working with 3rd graders. I learned to be a long life learner. Everyday, I was challenged my students to learn something new. It was important to me to make a difference. Throughout my training, I implemented various strategies for engaging students in small groups and rigorous lessons. My role as a teacher is to communicate effectively, be respectful, and have self-worth and confidence. I did fear making wrong choices throughout this field experience. I set high expectations the students to achieve high goals. Teaching to me opened doors to many students’ lives. I learned their cultures and backgrounds. Each student learned different, which allowed me to design an instruction plan to meet the student’s needs. I enjoyed the teaching these students. The community at E. R. Dickson allowed me to work with…show more content…
I learned classroom procedures, routines, and. R. Dickson rules. I worked in the self-contain classroom. I provided opportunities to work with all students. I peer tutored with students. I participated in several school meetings. After working with students in small groups, I evaluated my mini lesson for student improvement. My students were able to work independently, collaboratively, and utilize feedback from other peers. This taught me to reflect on advantages and disadvantaged of the lessons

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