Personal Narrative: My Role As A Nurse

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Nurses have an empowerment to change many lives, by becoming emotionally attached to their patients. Therefore, a patient who is under the nurse’s care develops comfortability with them in a respectful relationship. A nurse must always be observant to its working condition in the environment when it comes to patient care assistance. I decide to choose a wonderful nursing career, because of the health problems people experience that is associated in a busy lifestyle. This professional role does come with plenty of responsibilities and dedication as well. When I first began nursing at a hospital as inexperienced professional, the nurse manager Clara positioned me in the neurology department where the patients suffer from countless…show more content…
I came upon a liquid spillage on the floor at my post while attending to Mrs. Lake’s prescription needs. What crossed my mind is the words of another inspiring theorist who says,” Positive outcomes will support the value of the nursing conceptual model but that may take time, so patience is needed” (Neuman & Fawcett, 2012, p.375). Whenever the spilled water like substance is laying around unsanitized it brings danger to someone, because they may accidentally hurt themselves. If Mrs. Lake does not get her medication of Ebixa on time, then her condition can become worse too. The main thing is to remain calm in this case, I informed the lead nurse about Mrs. Lake’s medicine; as well, as the liquid spill incident. I dealt with Mrs. Lake where Anna went to the nursing station to call the environmental service department and explained the spill problem to them. Clara has seen how I work diligently during the line of duty, thereafter she commented impressive performance out loud that everyone was listening. This puts a smile on face near the end of the shift, as I never felt so alive just to apply several principles from nursing theoreticians in my job could make a difference in many
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