Professional Sledder-Personal Narrative

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I have always been a happy and outgoing person. Enjoying my growth into adulthood, it is not easy to get me down. I have had many exciting and devastating experiences in my life, but each has taught me something new about the world and myself. Finding thrill is my favorite pastime, but I need to be aware of what can happen. One of the more tragic experiences in my life has taught me that sometimes we do not know what is best for us and we should listen to those who are only trying to help us. Growing up in the northeast, I am what some may call a “professional sledder.” It worked out perfectly that I lived right across the street from an enormous sledding hill. With the day off of school, my brother and I decided to take a nice stroll into the winter blizzard for a fun day of sledding. My dad yelled, “wear your helmets” from upstairs as we were getting ready to walk out. “LOL dad, that’s funny, who wears a helmet to sled?” We snickered as we walked out the door, the future unknown. When we arrived, I went my way, and my brother went his way. I walked right passed the large hill and straight to the small hill. It was early and I needed to warm up before I tackled the large hill. Little did I know, the small hill had an invisible jump. I am ready at the…show more content…
That was my diagnosis. The doctor rattled off some medical jargon, but all I heard was, “…not go to school tomorrow.” The day was not all that great though as my mom made me lay down the whole time. She also wasn’t too thrilled with my suggestion of sledding. In the end I recovered, but my dad was still disappointed in me. I have learned that our elders with experience are our greatest source of information. John Locke believed that experience is our greatest source of knowledge. Through this unfortunate event, I have learned to have faith in both my parent’s endeavors and my endeavors. I did not learn from this solely on physical injury, but on the mental scare my parents
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