Professionalism In Health Care Case Study

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This case is an exemplar of ACHE competency domain 1, Communication and Relationship Management(American Health Care Executives). As the CEO and the Chair of the Department of Psychiatry each had differing priorities and concerns for the best operational measures for their respective units, it was critical that they come together to understand the needs and desires that impacted both their own points of view as well as that of the other party. Clearly, as they were able to reach a compromise and continue working together for the benefit of Memorial Hospital and its patients, this objective was achieved(Ascencio and Mujkic).
While the details of the discussions between the two parties are not clearly articulated in the case, the outcome of
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By taking a hard line that didn’t consider the valuable thoughts and feelings of her staff, the VP of Nursing acted in an unprofessional manner that alienated those she sought to motivate. Their responses to her actions manifested in decreased productivity and morale, causing more harm than benefit. When her decision was overruled by the President with more sensitive and professional responses, improvements were made in relationships that eventually supported the desired outcome (Ascencio and Mujkic).
Individuals must act in an ethical and responsible way that exhibits a service orientation. The VP of Nursing failed to do this when she issued edicts that treated her staff as though they had little value. By fostering a professional interaction and culture, the President was able to inspire nursing staff to consider their valuable role in the organization and communicate freely with management and one another.
Case 3:
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The new administrator brought little to bear in terms of understanding and made judgments that were erroneous with regard to the facilities. She needed a deeper understanding of how the facilities worked before issuing reports that could have damaged the operation of the system as a whole. Case 5: Business Skills and Knowledge
The last ACHE Domain, Business Skills and Knowledge, is the topic of Case 5 (American Health Care Executives). This domain requires the ability to apply business principles and systems thinking to the healthcare environment. In the case, the director of food and nutrition services accepted increased responsibility for which she was ill-prepared. She lacked the ability to understand the business aspects of the entire operation and, as a result, prepared a budget that failed to address the true needs of the organization.
Individuals must understand how each of the parts of an organization work and the ways in which the supporting business processes make continued operations possible. By failing to seek help from those with the appropriate levels of expertise, the director limited her ability to be effective and grow in a way that exhibited her understanding of business processes and systems thinking (Ascencio and
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