Professionalism In Career Advancement

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Professionalism and direction in career advancement are imperative. Embarking on graduation from CSU, On the Job Success covers many important aspects of strong leadership and offers tools for success. Critical thinking and decision making are important components of effective leaders. Acting as a role model, team members look to their leaders to set a strong example of what personal and professional look like. Strong and impactful communication in the workplace is imperative for effective leadership and team building. With regard to projects, timeliness and communication are key to success and strong team leadership. Professional goals keep leaders hungry and striving toward future success, advancement and education. M Steps to critical thinking and decision making in profession life Looking at my personal tactics and strategies toward decision making in my professional life, I tend to envision the big picture impact of my actions. Awareness of details is important to me, however I lean toward seeing the big picture and end result possibilities. Instinctual in nature, my decision-making leans in that direction and I am aware of that and a need to move more slowly and consider alternative paths and opinions. I am more reluctant to make a strong decision or move forward without knowing all the facts and very hesitant to take big risks. Being an expert on the topics I am working on is also important to me, although realistically not often possible. Important

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