Childhood Teacher Profession

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Being the childhood educator is an important professions. You have to make sure that you are doing the right thing and you are a professional in your particular field. It is about being reliable (you won’t have children to care for otherwise), doing what you say you’re going to do (creates trust) and being the best you can be (builds reputation). In my opinion, there are many types of behaviors, actions, activities and goals that characterize a teacher who exhibits professionalism, as it is defined by the professional standards for my teaching area. I want to work in childhood education. First of all, the teacher in such field should be able to grow and reflect on his or her practice in terms of teaching, professional ethics, and resources…show more content…
Moreover he or she should be able to adapt new practices to the needs of every student. I believe, the first step for every teacher is to attempt to build good relationships with students. Moreover, it is important to have good interrelationships with colleagues and administrators. Being able to establish respectful and caring relationships with colleagues can enrich the work experience. When I was in the middle school, my favorite teacher was the teacher of Ukrainian literature and language. He was an example of kind, intelligent, and caring person. He truly loved what he did, his passion for his work was unbelievable. He was always creative and tried to engage every student in thinking critically. It may sound habitual for American education system, but for me in that days, it was something no one dare to do. It was common to have straightforward and monotony classes. But he always created songs and poems for us, so we can learn rules about Ukrainian language in an interesting way. He always respected students and was collaborative with parents and faculty. He assessed students in creative ways. I know he was constantly growing and developing. I will be always thankful for having such a great example of a…show more content…
I am a good problem-solver and decision-maker. The interview part was very exciting for me because it summed up everything I talked about. I interviewed a teacher from Ukraine. I know her for a long time and she is a very smart, successful teacher. During the interview she gave me good advices such as: do not be afraid on the first day of the class and during the whole semester; let children see you as a confident professional and caring person; evaluate and reflect on how you teach and how your outcomes look like; always grow. Then we talked about how to promote the intellectual, social, emotional, physical growth and well-being of children. She said that in her situation she is aware of where her students are. She tries to create a comfortable, safe environment for them. She always know which student needs extra help with which subject. She tries to differentiate when she teaches and be sure that she is getting to her students’ level of understanding and teach them from that point, rather than just making them get to her level, hoping that they will understand what she wants them to understand. According to my interviewee building a positive environment in the class and with colleagues

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