Professionalism In Health Care Essay

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Introduction Professionalism and ethics have been in play for a much longer time in healthcare than in any other industry. Runciman and Walton (2007) critically state that when patients come into a healthcare institution, they enter a unique social relationship. In essence they feel completely vulnerable and care should be taken to ensure that they are more confident within the relationship. They are expected to share and expose themselves in the most intimate way making this relationship the most vital for their own physical, emotional and social health. The importance of professional ethics in healthcare can be found in the Hippocratic Oath and other oaths administered by various medical schools. Defining professionalism and ethics Professionalism is the definition of the character, qualities and conduct of a professional within their workplace. Freidson (2001) indicates that professionalism can only be defined within the boundaries of a workplace. It defines the way individuals relate not just to their clients but also the other work mates. The total behavior of the professional at the place of work in relation to all elements of the work place is the summary definition of professionalism. Evetts (2003) concludes that the values of a worker, beliefs and culture within which they operate defines their state of professionalism.…show more content…
Whenever patients arrive at a healthcare unit, they are completely reliant on the doctor to make the right decisions which in turn will promote their health. Silverman (2000) gives an example of the early days of medicine. During these days, doctors ruled the healthcare society often deciding which was the right and most ideal way to care for a patient. Neglect based on race, healthcare condition and social class was common. Patients were often subjected to inhumane treatments at the mercy of nurses who claimed to further science by finding various
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