Professionalism In Healthcare Careers

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The concept of “professionalism in healthcare careers” in my own words mean living up to the standards, and the values that are set forth by the faculty that you are working for. This means making sure the community looks good as well. The concept of “professionalism” extends from not only doing your job, but going above and beyond that for your patients or coworkers. Making sure that you are aware of the repercussions of each of your actions, and how they affect not only you but the people around you. For example, nurse have an oath that must uphold but their patient care extends from not only a nurse but to a line for support for their patients. I feel that having this sense of what professionalism is to me will make me more aware and conscious of the things that I am doing throughout my career. I will be able to not only do my job, but maintain good work ethics as well. During my career as a medical laboratory scientist I will not do everything perfect, but I will not disgrace the hospital or the community of people that I am working for. My future career as a medical laboratory scientist will be an…show more content…
For example, the more professional I am the more opportunities I am going to have for advancement, or promotions. The aspect of “professionalism in healthcare careers” or in everyday life extends far beyond just making sure you look professional. It means being mindful of your actions, taking to time to get your job done right, and giving more than your best in everything that do. Whether that be going above and beyond for a patient, or give up some of your time to volunteer in hospital functions or events. Being professional in my career as a medical laboratory scientist will mean doing more than the average person to make sure I am making both myself, and the faculty I work for
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