Professionalism In Nursing Research

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Nurses come in contact with a great deal of different groups of people throughout their careers and it is important to remember that we are judged by the people who we come into contact with, but most importantly by our patients. It is imperative that we look into the characteristic that is being professional, the implementation of learned professionalism, what elements contribute to create the characteristics of professionalism, and the importance of trust.
Professionalism is something that every nurse should strive to accomplish. As nurses, we need to be professional in our demeanor, physical appearance, our character, and the use of our language. As the common saying goes that we are judged for who we are in the first 60 seconds of meeting
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In Karimi’s study, he notes that students and faculty have different definitions of what professionalism entails, as some students consider "patience", "humility", and "altruism" in their ethical concept (Karimi, 2014). It is better to have educational options available rather than just relying on a black and white definition to understand what professionalism is. Collier talks about how the classroom seems to be the best place to look at all aspects of professionalism because it makes students aware of not only what it is and how to identify it, but how to apply it to an ever changing environment (Collier,…show more content…
Nurses are always taught to be observant of their environment and pay attention to detail. The study by Karimi quotes a student talking about observational learning being an important strategy: “in the hospital, and at the college, we observed the way the nurse educators were interacting with each other, with our classmates, and with different patients, and also the way their patience, their work ethic, etc. could be really effective; then we tried to behave accordingly.” (Karimi, 2014) Learning from feedback is an important element, because this is how the individual can self-reflect on what they have done. The feedback that patients or co-workers will provide, needs to be taken into consideration, it does not matter if information is positive or negative. Feedback provides valuable information that can help to make important decision in the workplace. In addition Karimi states in his study, “here, after observing the effects and consequences of a particular behavior on the self or on others, the student may be influenced reflectively and will reinforce or forget it accordingly.” (Karimi, 2014) By allowing the opportunity for the students to review, make comments and provide positive and negative criticism, provide important details for nursing performance and will either negate or establish the

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