Professionalism In The Book Of The Courtier By Castiglione

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In The Book of the Courtier, Castiglione describes the qualities a courtier must have in order to be considered perfect. However, although the courtier must be perfect, he is inevitably a human at the core. Taking on an important position such as the courtier, requires one to keep up with appearances and meet all expectations with complete disregard for opinions that do not align with the rules. Courtiers are still human and are thus bound to make mistakes, but since the people have very high expectations for them, it can leave them feeling extremely pressured. Castiglione mentions that the courtier must do the following: avoid melancholy, always agree with the prince; and project good virtues upon the prince. Although these three actions are important to maintain for the purpose of setting an example, some may be unreasonable. As part of his persona, a courtier must not show signs of bad humor or melancholy. He must avoid foolish arrogance, lying, and boasting (125). I agree with this demand because the courtier has to be an image that motivates others in a way that they will not feel the need to express the same negative emotions. This is especially true for the prince because the actions of the courtier could affect the emotional state of the prince, thus affect his judgement. This is similar to the way in which modern day workers maintain a certain level of professionalism that is not only shown verbally, but physically as well. Although the prince would be honest in

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