Professionalism In The Workplace Essay

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Professionalism in the Workplace Professionalism is a multi-dimensional idea or concept, which provides nurses with the opportunity of learning to grow personally and professionally. Therefore, nursing professionalism "reflects the manners in which nurses view their work and is a guide to nurses ' behaviors in practice to ensure patient safety and quality care"(Skela-Savic). Thus, the nursing professionalism includes, being autonomy and accountability, collaborations, being respectful, appearance, therapeutic relationships and therapeutic communication. Being autonomy and accountability: autonomy is when the nursing initiation of nursing intervention without the care providers ' orders or when having the authority or freedom to act…show more content…
So as a nurse you should respect others opinion and be sensitive to the cultural differences. And also the nurse should avoid serotypes and accept a patient as a patient regardless of the difference and believes about their care. The nurse should show his or her true professional and ensures high standard and non-biased care for all patients without discriminations and prejudices. In addition, as a nurse it is important to recognize the patient as the sources of control and full partner in providing compassionate and coordinated care based on respect for patient 's preferences, values, and needs such as; involve family and friends in the care, prompt patients ' preferences and value, provide care with respect and dignity (Potter, Patricia Ann, et al.). Appearance: as a nurse it is important that you wear clean scrubs, and neat hair, a well-groomed look, the fact that people always look at your personal appearance and judge you based on your appearance. Therefore, the patients will have confidence in you that you care about yourself and therefore you are willing and have the competence or capability to care others. If you look sloppy that may have a negative impression or perceived by the patients as you are disorganized, lazy, uncaring or incompetent for the job and that will make difficult to work with the patient toward the positive
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