Professionalism In The Workplace

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A profession is a paid activity in which a person engages. It is a person’s livelihood and the way that she contributes to the economy. In return, the person receives compensation in the form of money and benefits. Professionalism is the competence expected of a professional. It is the skill set that society expects from a professional. However, the word competence and the expected skill set are not well defined, and probably everyone would have a different opinion of what it means to be competent at one’s job. Is competence the possession of the ability required to complete the job? If so, when is the job fully complete? These are the questions that lead to a broader understanding of professionalism as it applies to the work place and nursing.…show more content…
It is not a term that can be defined in one sentence like many other words. It has several dimensions, and even a short essay cannot begin to fully address all of the aspects that define professional behavior. The cornerstone of professionalism will always be professional knowledge. Without it, the person cannot even function in the work environment. However, the concept of professionalism goes far beyond providing a service to clients. It is an attitude and a mind-set. The true professional works to provide the best services for her clients. She is truly interested in the well-being of patients and coworkers alike. All the other aspects of professionalism relate to this attitude, and with this attitude the nurse inspires trust and confidence in her patients and…show more content…
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