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Professionalism Paper: Professional Appearance Tessina Jernigan DA 24 1/29/16 First impressions make lasting impression. That is quite a statement that is very much true. Most people try to say that they don’t judge just by looks but too often that is exactly what happens. Your appearance tells others what you are about and who you are. If a person doesn’t look like they could fit into a job, more than likely they will not be given another chance. Professional appearance is important because businesses want to portray a certain look to the community, as well as to their clients and patients. This is especially true for the dental field. Each office will have standards in which their employees should follow to…show more content…
When working with the public, it is very important that one takes their personal hygiene and grooming care seriously. Maintaining a personal hygiene schedule is important. Showering regularly, maintain oral health, use of deodorant, keeping hair clean, keeping facial hair trimmed these are all good personal hygiene habits. Oral hygiene is especially important to those who work in the dental field. Brushing and flossing is not only good for the health of the teeth but it is a good way to prevent bad breath. Grooming is another important role in one’s professional appearance. Scrubs should be neat, clean, and without wrinkles. Women who have hair longer than shoulder length should have their hair neatly pulled back, and out of their face. Perfumes, colognes, and anything that has a strong fragrance should be avoided. There are people who have allergies to certain products, and certain fragrances can be overpoweringly strong. This can go for deodorants, as well. Makeup should be kept to a minimal.…show more content…
Although times have changed, tattoos and facial piercings can have a negative impact for someone who works in the dental field. Most dental offices do not mind non-visible tattoos. Visible tattoos are not as widely accepted in most dental offices, such as tattoos on the face, neck, hands, and lower arms. For tattoos on the lower arms wearing a lab coat or smock is one way to keep those from being seen. Keeping in mind the size and placement of a tattoo is important both before and after getting a job. Some people find tattoos and piercings offensive, be mindful of this. Piercings are another factor in professional appearance. Earrings should be kept small, and to a minimum. Gages or hoops are not considered to be professional. Facial piercings is a topic that touchy as well. Eyebrow, lip, nose, or other facial piercings are not looked upon highly in the dental field. Depending on the office they may ask one to remove the piercings, or may ask to put clear stud instead of something visible. Both tattoos and piercings are a way for an individual to express himself or herself but this can greatly affect one’s chance to getting a job.

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