Confucius On The Human Nature Analysis

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At the beginning of the course, Professor Magagna explained to us about the concept of Confucian. He brings out the concept about Confucius on the human nature with two quotes: “ the most excellent know it and love it; the wise understand and profit” and “to know it is not as good as to love it; to love it is not good as to delight in it” (Professor Magagna, 2015). The first quote explains that people that are smart notice that the human nature is not settled, but it is a talent that we human can experience it through our life. Confucius did not judge on anything, but he wants to bring out that if we found or notice our own talent and our potential inside us, then we will become an excellent person. And even if we do not understand or found our potential, just be a wise person and that will bring you to be a good person (Professor Magagna, 2015). For the second quote, it tells us that it is good if we know about the human nature because you will gain knowledge from it. But it does not be as good as just know it than fully knowing it. Also, the word “delight” in the second quote, means to be happy, and to live life full and happy as a human being on earth (Professor Magagna, 2015). Professor Magagna also brings out an idea from Mencius, that human nature is already bad. Therefore, if the children are bad, are you going to save him or her? In general, everyone will give an answer that they will…show more content…
Confucius wants us to “ put yourself in the position of the person asking the question from your perspective, and interpret the answer in terms of your own life” (Professor Magagna, 2015). This is also an idea of putting yourself in other people’s shoes, to know what other things and to think in their position. I think this is also an important lesson because most of the times we only think about ourselves, but lacking of thinking in someone else
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