Professor Nuzzo's Argument Summary: The Grade Appeal System

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From my past experience, I believe there have been mutual respect between the students and the professors at St. Francis, and I appreciated that very much. The majority of the students at St. Francis are working adults who have been in professional fields and mature individuals with life experience.
b. In her response, I recognized that Professor Nuzzo argued to emphasize how much discretion she, as a professor, should have over me as a student; And she rejected my request, stating my argument was “random, subjective, capricious, and illogical.” I feel that Professor Nuzzo has an abusive demeanor, knowing the same is true as to her discretion, that she can also exercise it to make a small adjustment to change my grade from B- to B when it
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Lastly, I would like to express my great disappointment in the experience with Professor Nuzzo in this matter and the way the issue has developed. The Grade Appeal system is afforded to the students at St. Francis and it should not be construed as a personal attack against the professor or the school as if I was to “attempt to dictate how I should be graded” or I was “attempting to rewrite the syllabus and rubric.” Regardless of whether or not students’ appeals are ultimately approved, the students should be allowed to appeal their grades when they believe there are reasonable grounds to contest; And it should provide the student with an opportunity for a meaningful review without being accused or scorned. I find Professor Nuzzo’s tone of voice in her response to my grade appeal extremely hostile and contemptuous. I have been a student at St. Francis since 2014, and have never experienced such difficult communications with any professors at St. Francis before. I have always enjoyed the classes taught by many different professors with various backgrounds at St. Francis. Grade improvement issues have arisen with a couple of other professors in the past; however, it has been peacefully resolved and never been escalated to this

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