Profit Sharing In America

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One could say that capitalism in America started growing its roots when settlers took the Indians’ land without asking permission. Instead of compromising with the Indians, settlers took the land by force essentially stealing land in a fit of greed. Those who had knowledge about politics were given the power to distribute the land among individuals and set up the lifestyle. After setting up a means of production and how people could privately own the land, thus capitalism in America was born. Capitalism is an economic system where businesses and production are controlled by citizens to make themselves money. Jumping to today’s society, the rich own most of the wealth by exploiting the worker class. Workers get paid inadequately for their fifty…show more content…
In 1787 they offered land cheaply to settlers. In the late 19th century, the economy became dominated by big corporations. The top twenty percent’s share of national income had sky rocketed while the worker’s share had fallen, resulting in soaring inequality of wages. Unfortunately since the 1970s, wages have stagnated and profit sharing has almost been forgotten. It’s time to restore the faith in it. Profit sharing is when a business shares a percentage of its profits with its workers. To restore prosperity, we need to spread the benefits through profit sharing. Profit sharing is a critical step to solve the challenge of soaring inequality in America. We need more powerful advocates from politics and business to expand tax incentives for small business owners. We also need to reform tax loopholes. Some corporations have exploited these loopholes to offer lavish compensation packages to its top executives. The author ends by saying, that we must offer tax benefits only to those who offer profit sharing or shared ownership plans to all…show more content…
I live in a society where the top twenty percent own most of the wealth. After looking at some charts in class, I was astounded at how the wealth is actually distributed in the United States. With the top one percent having more than the bottom forty percent combined, something is going wrong here. I do not feel like my voice would be heard among the vast amount of voices in today’s society, which is why I make it a personal responsibility to educate myself on what is going on. If I ever do make it big, I’ll remember that wealth distribution plays a key role in people’s
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