Progress And Technology: The Importance Of Innovation In The 21st Century

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With time, we have learned that progress and technology go hand in hand. Mankind’s most outstanding achievements such as: landing men on the moon, curing diseases, and inventing an advanced system of communication, would be impossible dreams without technology. Nevertheless, there are some intriguing questions regarding technological progress. Will technological advances always affect us in positive ways? What if I lose my job because of innovation? Will technology have a limit? These questions and uncertainties have surged as the result of these progresses affecting people in the workplace. For some, technology has not only brought improvements to the market, but also turbulence. However, the truth is that technology has developed into an indispensable asset to humans and we need to withstand some difficulties for the greater good of our society. The 21st century has become a glorious time for technology, which is a result of our constant need for innovation. Despite the fact that innovation has many meanings, we are going to concentrate on the one relate to the workplace. The definition is quite simple, “innovation generally refers to changing processes or creating more effective processes, products and ideas.” In the first paragraph of the article “ Insight into innovation: Why companies must innovate ” Sidhar Balasubramanian explains that competition plays an important role in the innovation hype. It is essential for business’s to improve their product or

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