Progress Energy: The Impact Of Globalization Around The World

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Globalization is defined as the development of an increasingly integrated global economy marked especially by free trade, free flow of capital, and the tapping of cheaper foreign labor markets (Merriam-Webster). It also can be looked at as how organizations have an impact internationally. When money is involved, so are politics. Due to the implementation of globalization around the world, developing economies saw a great increase in exporting cheaper goods, because they were opened to new markets (Collins). While these foreign nations benefited, much of the American population was at a disadvantage. Labor intensive careers disappeared from the United States and were moved to other countries. Americans that had college degrees with stable careers…show more content…
Many of those companies do not provide tight environmental regulations for their factories, causing issues in the atmosphere around the factory where the goods are being made. Some of the most commonly used companies are the guiltiest when it comes to tearing down the environment we live in. One of the largest energy providers in the world, Progress Energy, is ranked as the twelfth worst company for the environment. But, they give customers to buy carbon offsets from them to try and improve the amount of emissions they are putting out into the world. Ranked number one is the coal using giant, Peabody Energy. The fact that they are a coal company explains a lot, but they are making minimal efforts to help the company make progress and move from the number one spot…show more content…
But overall, the negative outweighs the positive. A key reason for this is the lack of leadership. Many politicians will not stand up and be straightforward with what is happening. Seven out of the twenty trading partners the United States has manipulate their currencies so that the United States and other countries they are trading with is at a price disadvantage. This decreases the amount of imports they have, but increases the amount of exports. Under the World Trade Organization’s rules, those actions are highly illegal and should be handled. China is guilty of going against the WTO rules on multiple occasions. They steal and make counterfeit of our technologies that are being produced on their land. They also put barriers and tariffs in place at any time they please without any true responses from the United States (Collins). With better leadership enforcing the laws of trading, globalization may end up being what the world needed all

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