Progress In Physical Education

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The Problem and Its Background

Introduction “Progress in physical education may well depend upon the creative development of new models.” (Jewett, 1979)

Instructional management is the event and procedure involved in the decision to initiate a specific activity for an individual student. Thus, in higher education, there remains a need to develop this instructional management model, which proposes alternative sets of relationships and interrelationships among personal meanings and learning, components and subcomponents, concepts and criteria as well as intuition and inference. Moreover, these models will help emphasize the importance of facilitation, sensitivity, support, care, regard, and success within the process of facilitation
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As countries progress along the development path, the availability of a competent human resource base becomes a determining factor of progress. Countries progressing from an agricultural economy to a manufacturing economy to a technological and knowledge economy recognize that an adequate supply of higher education graduates is an essential pre-condition for achieving and sustaining advanced levels of development in this globalized, competitive, and fast-changing world. The quality of higher education is a matter of national concern. The challenges in assuring workplace preparation and quality have figured largely in the evolution and development of the accreditation movement in the Philippines. The right balance between government regulation, private sector-led accreditation, and adaptation to the requirements of the existing work environment should be constantly monitored. It is in this context that various efforts at establishing accreditation for quality have…show more content…
These physical education programs are further enhanced by accrediting agencies in higher education institutions which continually upgrade their educational quality and service through self-evaluation and the judgment of peers.
In response to the requirements set by accrediting agencies, higher education institutions particularly those offering Bachelor in Secondary Education major in Physical Education / Bachelor in Physical Education, strive to use excellence in quality education. The idea of instructional management model has emerged to serve as framework to ensure, in order to guide in the decision making activities particularly in planning the programs in physical education.
In view of these realities, it is therefore imperative to create an instructional management model in higher education institutions offering Bachelor in Secondary Education major in Physical Education / Bachelor in Physical Education.


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