Progressive Character In Macbeth

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Shakespeare 's Macbeth is based on true events and takes place in Scotland during the reign of King Duncan. It is set when Scotland is at war with Norway. As the play opens, Duncan learns about the Macbeth 's courageousness against Macdonald a Scot man fighting for Norway. In essence, Macbeth is a play about the rise and fall of the warrior Macbeth. Shakespeare presents Macbeth as a progressive character throughout the play. As the play continues, his good traits are replaced by his evil is manifested more and more. He develops from good to bad and eventually to worse.
Physically, Macbeth is a vicious general, powerful and able to gut any opponent with only one strike. He is introduced as a hero whose courage on the battlefield brings him honor from his peers and also the king. His physical courage is undebatable. Although he is a brave soldier, he is not virtuous. Macbeth is therefore portrayed as a masculine man who is assertive, physically strong and with a great desire to be successful. Mentally, Macbeth is not as strong as he is physical. This is seen when he hears the prophecies of the three witches. He is affected by it mentally. He is confused and remains so before, during and after he kills the king. On the other hand, the emotional attributes of Macbeth include; ambition, remorse, and fear. These traits play an important role in provoking his evil side. His ambitions are portrayed earlier on when the witches prophesied that he was going to be the king. He ponders
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