Instructional Design Model Analysis

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Of the six teaching philosophies (Kanuka, 2008), I promote progressive teaching, therefore my homeschool considers the mindset of children and provides learning opportunities in tutelage. Our school regards sound instructional design, pursues current teaching philosophies, and supersedes up-to-date technology. Progressive education combined with technology ensuing an inquiry based learning environment is optimal for learners, however, this audacious step takes courage because educators must be predisposed to take a step astern to our traditional roles and act as counselors. Students must unceasingly choose their own procedures and instructors inevitably must accept their role as facilitator. My instructional design model closely mirrors that…show more content…
My impression speculates that the Kemp Model works well with the ADDIE approach consisting of analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation (Branch, 2009).This model was selected because it allows for perpetual revisions to its instructional delineation, additionally this benefits our home school as trial and error are mandatory in selecting goals and objectives conjointly authenticating testing for young learners.
Set learning goals- These goals should be realistic and age appropriate for the learners in homeschool, we focus on the convergence of learning that builds personal growth and
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Once the inner circle has been implemented the actual instruction begins. As we trial through the curriculum, concurrent evaluation and revisions occur. This model is useful for Elementary school students who are often unpredictable in their behavior, preferences, pace and retention of knowledge.

This philosophy of my homeschool is rooted in western philosophy where learners are viewed as individuals who contribute to the greater good of society. They are responsible for their actions and are held accountable to the group to foster creativity, students are encouraged to be positive, offer suggestions, praise and cheer on other classmates. Social maturity is stressed and modeling provided as an example to students that sharing with others is not limited to including friends, parents or relatives. It is my strongest desire that students view education is a positive way and that lifelong learning is promoted throughout their entire lives. The foundation and fundamentals of education begin early in life and therefore I take the role of Elementary Homeschool teacher very
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