Progressive Era Essay

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The Gilded age was a period in the late 1800s (1865-1900) that showed tremendous increase of wealth caused by the industrial age. The lifestyle of the rich during this period hid the many problems of the time that eventually brought about the progressive era movement. This was a movement for reform between 1900-1920s. Progressives typically held that the irresponsible actions of the rich were corrupting both public and private life. Forces such as immigration, the Populist Party and industrialization that led to the progressive era also impacted the American government both in its activeness and its democracy. Several of the concerns targeted for reform by the progressives were direct or indirect results of the great wave of immigration. …show more content…

The progressive movement took democracy to a anew turn, people voices were starting to be heard, the National Association for The Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was formed to solve the dilemma of race within the framework of the ideological ideas of the progressive era. Progressives sought to enable the citizen to rule more directly and circumvented political bosses. Which is what the 17th amendment did, also the progressive era reform brought about the end of women’s suffrage as the 19th amendment was ratified in 1920 granting women the tight to vote, giving them a voice in their government. This marks new heights for democracy in the American …show more content…

Forces such as immigration, industrialization, and the populist party during the time e=were the foundations that led to the progressive era reforms which impacted the American Government greatly in its democracy and in its activeness and involvement in businesses an so on. The progressive era reforms is quite similar to the New deal era in the 1930s, they each produced a record amount of programs and policies that worked to change the status of Americans living in poverty, which included their working

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