Progressive Era Reflection

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Journal - Day 1 So far the experience is going very well. I met my cooperating teacher and we talked about different stuff on what and what not to do. During some free time I was memorizing students’ names and where they were sitting out. My cooperating teacher has a clipboard with pictures of the students faces from last years school book and where they are sitting at on sheets of paper. We also exchanged phone numbers and reporting time is at 7:20 and dismissal is anywhere from 2 - 4:20. The teacher helps out with after school detention/seminar (the students can come and get help with projects/homework). After the classes were done, I got a tour of the building from my cooperating teacher. I was introduced to many different teachers and other members of the faculty at the school. Today, was also a quiz day for some of the students, so I was grading papers. I observed that the smartboard was used as a PowerPoint or Google Slides, and I can not wait to see what else the teacher will be using.…show more content…
Journal Day 5 So the plan is for me to teach 7th period on Thursday, American History II and the topics can be a mixture of women’s suffrage and the social reforms that were happening during the Progressive Era. Today, I received my username and password, however, I am still waiting on the email because without the email I can not access the chromebooks to do some more work on. We also discussed about social media. Like yesterday, I was passing out tests and grading again. I am getting a little bit better time wise on that. Homeroom in the morning I handle for 15 minutes while the cooperating teacher is in the room. I am scheduled to observe one teacher on Friday while I have a study hall, and I observed another teacher today. I observe the neighbor teacher, who teaches math. They were on a roll the whole class period. In the beginning he had notes passed out that had two examples and then the rest of the class period was going over on how to do the

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