During The Progressive Era

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During the progressive era there were many things being fought for and some completed. The government starts working with the people rather than against. We grew both economically and culturally. These periods push the United States to be bigger and better. Over a long-time period and several events, the United States is changing. Starting in the early progressive era the progressives were upset with the government not stepping in businesses welfare. These progressives oppose the abuse of power. Just like Ida Wells- Barnett talks about in the ninth reading. African Americans are being hung when any white person accuses them of a crime. The white people are abusing their power in most of these cases because they can, and no one cares. The community…show more content…
This started the markets growing and the average person investing. All the new products being made pushed the economy. The automobile was a big part of that. Credit and installment plans are started to be created on other than just land. This is also the time where many scandals happen. Most happen under the Harding Administration, but are not revealed until after his presidency. One including the prohibition of alcohol. The Volstead Act is what makes alcohol illegal. Citizens were not allowed to make, sell, or transport alcohol. This started the tread of speakeasys or illegal bars. These bars changed how women acted. Women now would drink, smoke and talk about sexual relations in public. This created the new women, or flappers. They generally had much shorter skirts, were more politically proactive, and had a good time. According to the fifteenth reading women even bobbed their hair or cut it rather short. This was not acceptable and out of he ordinary, but it empowered women and helped them make a…show more content…
This is when the United States becomes much like it is now. People were more into fashion, into different music like Jazz. Education is starting to change from religion to science. Kids indulge in random fads and trends. It is even the start of movies and sports. The people start becoming more culturally developed like we are now. With the fight for labor movements, equality for African Americans and women the progressive era leads to a lot for the United States. The government started to shift to the side of both the people and businesses. We grew economically with the start of the war and new products being produced. Rather than immediately jumping into war we fixed some of our countries problems. Culturally the United States boomed in the 20’s. Several events came into building the United States as it is

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